Mountain Lakes NH    

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Thank you for your interest in Mountain Lakes!  We're a four season recreational community located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Our community is an official village district within the Town of Haverhill, NH.

This web site aims to keep all of our property owners up to date with the important news and seasonal activities of the District. 

Check out this area map for an overview of the District.  There's more information below or under the headings on the left side of this page.  You can also send us an email at:



Notices and Important Info


  • District Board and Committee Meeting Dates can be found on the District Calendar (click on the "Calendar" tab above).
  • Minutes from District Boards and Committees can be found on the associated organization page (click on the "Boards" tab above for a list of organizations).

  • PLEASE NOTE:  The Mountain Lakes District Office will be CLOSED THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH.  Normal office hours will resume Monday, September 24TH.   If you have a water emergency, please call the emergency pager at 603-615-6829.  For other assistance, please call the office at 603-787-6180 to leave a voicemail or send an email to:

  • PUBLIC NOTICE:  The Mountain Lakes Planning Board meeting is scheduled for THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH at 6:00PM at the District Office. 

  • The 2018 ANNUAL BOOKLET containing the 2018 BUDGET (and a lot of awesome District photos! :) can be found HERE. You can also stop by the District Office and pick up a booklet to take home!  Check it out today!  

  • PLEASE NOTE:  If you need assistance, please contact us by email at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. If you have a water emergency, PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE A NEW NUMBER - CALL Hood's Plumbing at 603-615-6829 (pager) and tell them you're from Mountain Lakes District :) 


     You can watch this website for more information about upcoming activities or better yet, sign up for our weekly District email (DMAIL for short) so you don't miss a thing!  Send a note to: and ask us to put you on the DMAIL list today!